The Author of Creativity

Today, Isaac’s fever broke. Last night I put him to bed around 7, because he was just so tired! He woke up around 10 pm, exactly 6 hours after he last had ibuprofen. I went ahead and gave him another dose, and he went back to sleep. Then around 1 am he woke up burning up and crying; it was obvious he did not feel good. So I went ahead and gave him a dose of Tylenol.

Lo and behold, he wakes up at 2 am wide awake, no fever, and ready to play! He kept me up from 2 am until about 4:30 am. I was not too happy about that but I was glad he was feeling better.

He slept until about 9:30 though, which is pretty unusual for him. He woke up and was acting like he felt a little better than yesterday, and his temp was down 99.8!

So to celebrate, we got creative and built a little blanket fort today. Kyle, my brother, said that I just wanted to do it for me. Maybe he was right. I just wanted to let my inner kid out, and make Isaac happy while doing so! We had fun building it (yes, Kyle helped me AND enjoyed it!) and playing in it.

I really want to nurture Isaac’s creative thinking. I’m going to be doing a lot of reading on this subject. Today I read that exposing them to a lot of different environments is one thing that’s good for that. Another thing is to let them play with basic objects that aren’t toys! They have to be more imaginative with them.

I want to be sure to give Isaac many chances to flourish, to really find his strengths and talents. I want to encourage his ideas, and if they are unfeasible I want to give him the opportunity learn why rather than shut them down.  I want Isaac to know that he is loved and cherished by his parents but more importantly by his Abba in heaven, and he does not have to fit in with the status quo to receive that love.


I have not had the best luck with reliable childcare since my maternity leave was over. It hasn’t been anyone’s fault per say, so far it just seems that I haven’t been able to find anything that works out longer than a month or so. He has been at 4 places so far in the last 8 months, not including the time that Branon was working only weekends in order to watch him on weekdays.

Isaac’s latest babysitter has been watching him around my work schedule and only charging me $100 a week. Not very easy to find. Her son was 10 days younger than Isaac, and they played really well together. She was good, but I did know in my heart that it was probably not going to be ideal long term.

Well she just let me know that she was evicted and had to move. She didn’t tell me where, and it did not sound like she was going to be available to watch him anymore. So I naturally was kinda freaking out. Most daycare facilities have waiting lists. Plus, where am I going to find somewhere/someone who will watch him later than 6?

I still don’t exactly understand what single parents who don’t have family members to help out are supposed to do when working non traditional hours. Child care help is definitely a resource that this non-profit will make available.

I believe God had a divine appointment for me today to meet the people he sent me to. I have a really great feeling about the family who will be watching Isaac now. He does need to be picked up by 6, but I am blessed with a family that is willing to help out with that. I think it will be better for him to get to bed a little earlier anyways.

It’s just so awesome to see God handle situations arise that I’m totally panicking over! He never lets me down, and he provides for all of my needs in the most creative of ways. Our Father is so good to his children. Even when it might seem like he is far, or doesn’t care, he is always looking out for our best interest. We just have to ask the author of creativity to give us eyes to see the beauty that is always around us.

Romans 828



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